Whalegun Presents

Utopia 9 is available on Steam!

A Volatile Vacation!

You are the most recent guest on Utopia 9, the best vacation planet the galaxy has to offer. Terraformed to give you the ultimate holiday.

But when you arrive nothing is as promised: The environment is deadly, everything is buried in sand and the advertised bikini babes are nothing but mutated freaks!

You must get off the planet so you can sue the travel agency.


Utopia 9 is a Rogue-Like 3D Shooter, featuring:
  • Procedurally generated levels!

  • Challenging gameplay & Permanent death!

  • Shields, armors and lots of powerful weapons!

  • Mutations granting unique abilities!

  • Evolving enemies that loot your corpse!

  • Avenge yourself and reclaim your gear!

Firendly Locals

If you get killed on Utopia 9 the assailant will transform into a nemesis!!!

A nemesis will not only steal your weapons, no, it will also mutate into an even stronger version of itself.

However, the next tourist will have a chance to reclaim the lost weapons.

Fair is fair.

Vacation Photos


Rune Holm
Idea, Game Design, Code
Mathias Severin
Idea, Game Design, Art
The Team
Belinda Larsen - Rigging & Animation
Jonas Jessen - Audio Design
Morten Mygind - Original Score
Christian von Jessen - PR Manager
Martin Nebelong Henningsen - Concept & Ideas
Christian Schjørring - Contracts & Legal Advice
Frederik Badstue Wagner - Contracts & Legal Advice
Søren Domack Boserup - 2D Icons & Rigging
Lars Thiesgaard - Voice Acting
Mathias Klenske - Voice Acting
Marie Søderberg - Voice Acting
Malte Milner Find - Voice Acting
Niclas Mortensen - Voice Acting
GameSub - Polish Translation
Guillaume Peton - French Translation
57E - Finnish Translation
Global Hive - German Translation
Samuel Einheri @functionSam - Swedish Translation
David Neira Palaciosa - Spanish Translation
WW H @vunkoooo - 2 x Chinese Translations
Special Thanks
Iben Conrad Hansen - Morale Support
Desirée Malene Schreyer Jørgensen - Morale Support